Transit Working Group back in action!

After a summer hiatus, the Transit Working Group is back to work.  Recently, this group of public and private sector leaders convened by Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell, met to discuss potential funding options for long-term regional transportation projects, including those under study by Project Connect.

The group asked transportation agency staff to refine the proposed options and present specific plans for funding and managing regional transit and express lane investments.

A replay of the meeting is available to view online, and the presentation slides are available by download here.


2 Responses to Transit Working Group back in action!

  1. Matt says:

    On page 4, there’s a picture of a cake, with what appears to be a transit map. This map seems to show (from what I can tell) urban rail extending past crestview all the way to mopac (with the commuter rail now running down mopac instead of through the middle of town).
    Is this the ideal eventual plan? Some alternate plan which has been dropped? Wild hand-waving?

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