North Corridor Online Open House is Live!

Earlier this year, Capital Metro and our Project Connect partners held community open houses to kick-off Project Connect: North Corridor, a transportation study to address long-term mobility and access issues in the corridor that includes the communities of Georgetown, Round Rock, Pflugerville and central Austin.  Public open houses were held in two locations, including the Municipal Justice Center in Pflugerville on June 19th and Austin Energy’s Assembly Room in Austin on June 21st.

We want to hear from you!

While the community open houses were well attended, we would like to expand opportunities for the public to provide input on the project through an online open house. In as little as ten minutes, you will learn more about the 18-24 month study and be able to provide feedback about the mobility challenges you experience in the North Corridor.

The online open house is accessible via the project website at The online open house can be accessed beginning on 10/11/12 and will be available until 11/07/12. Participants can view examples of high-capacity transit options, review a number of exhibits that explain the project, use an interactive map to draw in suggested transportation alternatives and complete an online questionnaire.

We encourage you to get involved and send us your thoughts on improving mobility and access issues in the North Corridor!


3 Responses to North Corridor Online Open House is Live!

  1. catherine says:

    I think one of the main problems is IH 35 and getting folks out of their cars. You need to have express busses taking employees to various destinations, but to accomplish this, you also need feeder routes within the city corridors, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Hutto and Georgetown. I believe the cities should fund the feeder routes and CMTA should provided the express service at destininated transit centers. I believe CMTA used to have a transit center or a park and ride close to Georgetown that was utilized by MetroAccess. There are many large shopping malls that could be utilized in this respect to assist with transportation instead of initially spending a lot of money.

  2. Lee says:

    It is not the Job of any group to force people from their cars. It would be nice if the fuel tax these folks are paying would be brought back to the area to rebuild I-35. While that is being done, we could start planning the next generation of High Speed Mass Transit. One key that all ideas seem to miss is that this need to augment the current mass transit system and not be build above and around the current system. We do not have the resources to run a system for the burbs while runng and not improving the current system.

  3. DaleH says:

    The problem with express buses on non-dedicated lanes is that they get stuck in traffic along with everything else. The cost of building dedicated bus lanes is just about as much as building dedicated rail lines, so you might as well build the rail line anyway. Feeder buses help, but once the bus route exceeds 2 miles you lose the time competitiveness factor.

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